‘Classicarte 2021-2022’


This year again, Musiq3 and Bozar join forces to offer you the Classicarte pass: a series of 10 exceptional concerts warmly recommended by Musiq3 and offered at a very democratic price (100 euros). Discover the selection below.​​​​​​​ Buy your Classicarte here !

How do you get your tickets after purchasing the Classicarte?

Go to bozar.be the day before the concert (or Friday, if the concert takes place at the weekend or on a Monday) and select the concert you want to book a ticket for.
Click on the ticket button next to the concert description.
A new tab will open in your browser.
You can now log in using the same email address and password as for your Bozar account that you used to purchase your Classicarte.
Once you are logged in, instead of the words “Log in” (in red on the top right of the page) the word “Welcome” will appear and next to it your customer number.
The hall plan will now display only the seats available.
​​​​​​​Make your selection and then click again to complete your transaction. The seats will appear as “free” in the basket.