‘Close Up: Izza Génini’

3 Dec.'22
- 19:00

Cinemamed Festival

Bozar, the Cinemamed festival, Goethe-Institut​​​​​​​ and the Darna Fest present a close-up portrait of the Moroccan film director Izza Génini, and invite you to watch two of her films, Aita and Rhythms of Marrakesh. The screenings will be followed by an interview with the filmmaker.

Born in Casablanca in 1942, Izza Génini left her native Morocco in 1960 to follow her parents to France. She studied literature and foreign languages at the Sorbonne and at the École des Langues Orientales before handling external relations for the Tours and Annecy festivals from 1966 to 1970. In 1973, Izza created the company SOGEAV for the distribution of films in French-speaking Africa, the diffusion of African films abroad and the production of films such as El Hal and Trances. Her films address themes such as diasporic identity and traditional Moroccan heritage, with a particular focus on the country's music.

Performed by the sheikhates, itinerant musicians, the aita is a cry that becomes a song, a song that becomes a call: a call to remember, a call to witness pain, the aita is also a cry of love and hope. At the Moussem of Moulay Abdallah, the Moroccan diva Fatna Ben Hocine and her troupe delighted the thousands of horsemen present, fervent fans of the aita.

Rhythms of Marrakesh
During festival periods, when music is king, Marrakesh vibrates to the sound of the dekka (drums), the aita (songs sung by female troubadours) or the malhun (sung dialect speech). Groups of men and women perform these devotional songs to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.



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