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‘Close-up: Jonás Trueba’

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Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1981, Jonás Trueba launched his directing career with his first feature film, Todas las canciones hablan de mí, released in 2010. He then went on to make Los ilusos (2013), Los exiliados románticos (2015), which won a prize at the Málaga Festival, and La reconquista (2016), which was presented at the San Sebastián Festival and won the Ojo Crítico Prize.

Co-writer of several Spanish films directed by Fernado Trueba and Victor Garcia Leon, he has also added other strings to his bow: that of teacher and writer on cinema. Since 2013, he has been part of the team behind 'Cine en curso', a film education project for schools. Bozar is devoting a Close-Up to him, opening with Teneis que venir a verla, his sixth feature film, released in 2022.


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