‘Eric Ericson Chamber Choir’

17 Oct.'19
- 20:00

The Baltic Sea

The Eric Ericson Chamber Choir is one of the very best choirs in the world. They work with prestigious orchestras such as the Berliner Philharmoniker. At this concert there is no orchestra, but the spotlight falls on the choir itself in an a capella programme of nordic composers. The Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is undoubtedly the best known, but the compositions of Gösta Nystroem and Cyrillus Kreek are also well worth discovering.    

Fredrik Malmberg
Olli Kortekangas

Aeneas, marmorissa - Chiaroscuro - Venetsia (Mediterranean Sea)

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae

Gösta Nystroem

Visions of the Sea

Cyrillus Kreek

Psalm 104: Kiida, mu hing, Issandat! (Psalms of David)

Cyrillus Kreek

Psalm 141: Issand, ma hüüan Su poole (Psalms of David)

Cyrillus Kreek

Psalm 1-3: Õnnis on inimene (Psalms of David)

Urmas Sisask

Oremus (Gloria Patri), op. 17/23

Andris Dzenitis

I carry your heart (Four Madrigals by E. E. Cummings)

Maija Einfelde

Evening (Three Poems by F. Bārda)

Arvo Pärt

Ode IX (Kanon Pokajanen)

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