‘Fargana Qasimova’

20 Feb.'15
- 00:00


Mugam d'Azerbaijan

Alim Qasimov and his daughter Fargana are expert interpreters of mugham, the traditional classical music of Azerbaijan. The music’s mystical atmosphere inspires an emotion that is likened to meditation. Mugham combines the human voice with instruments, such as the daf (a type of tambourine), the tar (a type of lute) and the kamancha (an oriental string instrument). Fargana and Alim practice a form of antiphonal singing, taking turns singing, like a question and answer. They choose a specific mode in advance, followed by improvisations, trusting each other and sensing what the other will do next. The improvisational aspect makes every performance unique and consequently unforgettable.
Fargana Qâsimova
Alim Qâsimov
Rauf Islamov
Zaki Valiyev
Cavidan Nabiyev
Fargana Qasimova
Fargana Qasimova
Fargana Qasimova
Fargana Qasimova

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