‘Flammes - Adolpho Arrietta’

9 Jan.'15
- 00:00

In the presence of Adolpho Arrietta

Flammes (1978, 88')
The restored version of the underground filmmaker's master piece!

Young Barbara has been having a recurring incubus ever since she was a child: a fireman enters her room through the window. When one day she passes a fire station, her attention is drawn by one of the firemen. Sometime later, she calls out the fire brigade under pretence there is a fire in her house. When the firemen arrive, she entices the one she had noticed into her room.

Spanish director Adolpho Arrietta (1948) is one of the most singular figures from the new cinemas that appeared in the sixties and seventies in various countries. Based in Paris since 1967, Arrietta directed Le jouet criminel (1969) with Jean Marais and was involved in the making of Jean Eustache’s Numéro zéro (1971). Marguerite Duras wrote a passionate text about his film Le Château de Pointilly (1972). His cinematic language is very poetic, apart from narrative conventions, which has made it to be compared with the cinema of Jean Cocteau. Arrietta’s unique tone and offbeat sense of humor gives his films a profoundly original dimension.

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