‘Geert Callaert – Wit in Wit: Goldberg Variations Revisited’

11 Feb.'22
- 19:00

After George De Decker had written his aria WIT IN WIT, he wanted to link a series of variations to it, just like Bach in his Goldberg Variations. He listened to and analysed countless versions and arrangements and then went to work himself. He retained the original keys and characters of Bach's masterpiece, but sought out the essence of each variation. This resulted in the Goldberg Variations Revisited: a fragile relief of sound, noise and silence for solo piano and tape in a masterly interpretation by Geert Callaert.

Geert Callaert
George De Decker

Wit in wit - Goldberg variations revisited, for Piano solo & pre-recorded stereophonic tape


9 → 13

Bach Heritage Festival 2022

Practical information


Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

Sound level

Level 2 ≤ 95 db