‘Genetic Biotech through the Eyes of Artists’

12 Sept.'20
- 16:00

Online event

Modern biotechnology is developing very quickly. In Prometheus' footsteps, we use new biological tools to transform our healthcare and wellbeing. In the future, researchers may develop personal medications and therapies that stop us feeling fatigue or pain, or babies with the DNA of three people that may have been made resistant to COVID19. But these applications are not without danger. Some activists and critics point to the possible social and ethical consequences: what if only the super-rich can make their children more athletic and intelligent?


In the light of current debates on the use of genetic modification, BOZAR, Gluon and the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) invite the public to a guided tour in the most fascinating labs in Europe, and discuss scientific, ethical and social issues of the latest technology used in biology labs, through the eyes of artists from the Studiotopia art&science residency programme, Kuang-Yi Ku and Sandra Lorenzi.


The talk will feature:


Sandra Lorenzi (Studiotopia artist - FR)

Kuang-Yi Ku (Studiotopia artist- TW)

Prof. Chris Marine (VIB (Melanoma Project) - BE)
Prof. Kathleen Machiels (VIB (Microbial Gut Project) - BE)

Moderator: Christophe De Jaeger (BE)


Video - Guided Tour in the VIB labs in Ghent (BE)


Sandra Lorenzi (FR – Studiotopia artist)

Kuang-Yi Ku (TW – Studiotopia artist) 

Prof. Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke (BE - VIB)

Prof. Sofie Goormachtig (BE - VIB)


You can watch this online event from 12.09.20 on this page


More information on Studiotopia art&science residency programme: ​​​​​​​

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Ars Electronica Garden Brussels, by BOZAR

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You can watch this online event from 12.09.20 on this page



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