Arty Farty Brussels

‘Going live: what are the uses of live for the media?’

13 Oct.'22
- 10:30

This workshop is dedicated to the question of live broadcasting for the media, and in particular the use of the live broadcasting platform Twitch. The explosion of livestreaming is radically changing production processes by integrating interaction into the creative process. During this workshop, Jonathan Sichem will explain why and how engaged communities are created. He will share his passion for his creators, providing figures and dozens of examples of case studies. Twitch's Grammar will be shared so you can jump on the bandwagon.

Electronic Music


12 → 16

Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels

Practical information


Bertouille Rotunda

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels


  • English

All activities on 13 October are part of the European Media Lab, a day dedicated to independent media. 
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