‘Into the Ice - Lars Ostenfeld’

22 Oct.'22
- 19:00

A grand, cinematic adventure on the Greenland ice sheet with three leading scientists in search of what the ice can tell us about our climate, our past and possible future. 

​​​​Into the Ice follows director Lars Henrik Ostenfeld and professor Alun Hubbard’s journey into one of the wildest and most extreme landscapes on earth, deep into the melting heart of climate change. Tied to nothing but a rope, they descend into the darkness of the ice, with no idea what they will find or where it will end. This unprecedented descent is part of ground-breaking research that sheds new light on how much meltwater the ice contains, and what happens to the ice when water seeps into and below it.

Director Lars Ostenfeld has many years of experience within science and nature documentary. Most recently he directed and filmed episodes of DR’s major nature series Wild, Wonderful Denmark and the documentary Tracking the Wolf. 

The screening is followed by a conversation with the artist Theresa Schubert, whose work Glacier Trilogy is part of the exhibition Faces of Water, and Dr. Alun Hubbard, who appears in the film. Barbara Debusschere (De Morgen) moderates.

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Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • English Danish
  • Subtitles: English

(DK/DE, 2022, DCP, 86')



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