17 Sept.'15
- 15:00

For over ten years "Strauss Imperial" has been delighting the public in the country’s most beautiful châteaux and theatres with its symphony orchestra, Viennese ballet and soloists.


Johann Strauss is a composer who no longer needs any introduction…

“Strauss Imperial” not only revisits his most beautiful melodies, from “The Emperor’s Waltz” to the “Blue Danube”, but also highlights the best-known works from opera and musicals. “Imperial Strauss” is a unique, all-encompassing show, combining music, singing and ballet.


The Viennese Ballet and the orchestra of 35 musicians are permanent features of this type of show. What is less so is the wonderful decor, the dancers’ lavish costumes, the lighting, and above all our guests.


This year three real “divas” will be giving outstanding performances in the most beautiful theatres in the country.


Eleonora Julik and Natallia Koval, stars of musical theatre from Kharkov, in Ukraine, are real celebrities, both in their native Ukraine and in Russia. As singers, actresses and dancers, they have their own fan club!


They will undoubtedly delight the Belgian public as well, with their repertoire containing the most beautiful melodies from works of opera and musicals.


Elèna Lavrenova is our third Diva! With fire and passion this charismatic Bulgarian violinist will sweep you away with her Gypsy melodies... bewitching!


With the added special attraction of Mikhaylo Markovich, a Red Army Choir soloist.


A brilliant programme!


Info & Video: www.classicall.be


Practical information


Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS