‘Lil Quinquin - Bruno Dumont’

11 Jan.'15
- 00:00


serie (4 episodes)

A drowsy village in Northern France is brutally startled when the heavily mutilated corpse of a missing woman is discovered. This macabre discovery is the beginning of a series of absurd crimes. Clumsy detective Van der Weyden leads the implausible police investigation into the bizarre crimes. Bruno Dumont directs an absurdist crime series about a village caught by evil and a group of local young scamps under the leadership of P’tit Quinquin and Eve, his sweetheart.

Bruno Dumont was born in Bailleul, France. His feature films are La vie de Jésus (97), L'Humanité (99), Twentynine Palms (03), Flandres (06), Hadewijch (09), Hors Satan (11), all of which played the Festival, and Camille Claudel 1915 (13). Hadewijch won the FIPRESCI prize at the Festival. L'Humanité and Flandres were both awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes. P'tit Quinquin (14) is his latest work.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs / Directors’ Fortnight -  Festival de Cannes 2014
Prix de la Critique / Critics’ Prize - São Paulo International Film Festival 2014
Bruno Dumont


Alane Delhaye
Bernard Pruvost
Philippe Jore


Lucy Caron


Bruno Dumont
Bruno Dumont
Bruno Dumont

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  • Subtitles: Dutch