‘Live, Love, Sing: Let's share positive vibes in our streets’

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Singing Brussels Celebration

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As the highlight of the Singing Brussels Celebration, we invite all of Europe to take part in our Live, Love, Sing action on 7 June at 8.05pm (Brussels time). Let's all sing Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles from our balconies, windows or gardens to celebrate the joy of togetherness. Invite your neighbours to do the same and share positive vibes in your street!


How does it work?

1. On 7 June at 8.05pm, tune into your radio station and listen to the Beatles’ song to guide you.

Participating radios: La Première, Musiq’3, Classic21, Pure, VivaCité, BRF1, BRF2, Radio1, Radio2, MNM, StuBru, Klara and Bruzz.

Or listen to the song on Spotify or Youtube.

2. When The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun starts playing, go to your window or onto your doorstep and sing for/with your neighbours. 

3. Film yourself and send us the video via this page. Be creative! We will piece together your performances into a large virtual choir in a video that can then be shared on social media.


Share the Live, Love, Sing movement

To make the Live, Love, Sing movement resonate widely, don't hesitate to :

- Share the promotional video on Facebook or invite your friends to the Facebook event.

- Stick the poster to your window to raise awareness among your neighbours.



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The initiative is taking place under patronage of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.