‘Los Yayos’

8 Mar.'20
- 14:30

Family show

As they walk through the door, a little old couple find themselves lost in an unlikely place, condemned to submit to its rules. Music and sound effects transform each of their gestures into a cha-cha-cha, a tango, a clown-like waltz. Rejuvenated, increasingly vigorous, they rediscover their lost youth as they dance – leaving us the legacy of one last amorous encounter. Full of freedom and jubilation, Los Yayos explores without words the complexity of relationships and love, the complicity between two individuals that can last a lifetime. Starting from a real desire to bring together ages and gender, Los Yayos unfolds the daily life of two elderly people through a clownish and choreographic vision. Like recounting a real life story, it is told to an audience of all ages, and of course to an audience of children from the age of 6.

Writing, scenography: Isabelle Verlaine Defaux, Miguel Camino Fueyo and Pierre Richards
Directed by Pierre Richards
Musical composition and flamenco arrangements: Josselin Moinet
Costumes: Catherine Somers
Lighting and construction: Guy Thérache

Isabelle Verlaine Defaux
Miguel Camino Fueyo
Rodolphe Babignan
guitar , percussion
Patricio Grande
flamenco guitar
Mehdi Missoumi
Direction , Musician

Practical information


Hall M

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


With the Kids and Teens