‘Meet the Writer: Fatou Diome’

28 May'22
- 18:30

Renowned novelist and essayist Fatou Diome is known for her outspokenness. His enlightening and humane thinking addresses the complex issue of identity.   

"I have been living in France since 1994, and when I am asked: what is your nationality? I answer: Franco-Senegalese. Franco-Senegalese: for me, this means that neither of these two words on its own would be enough to say who I am, everything about me being in the hyphen that links them," states Diome. Her position which, rejecting both nationalism and communitarianism, opens the space of identity to freedom, to the irreducible subject, who refuses to be confined by any kind of atavism. 

On the occasion of the release of her latest book, Marianne face aux faussaires (Albin Michel), she invites us to question ourselves on the meaning of identity, a theme that strongly polarizes the debates in European countries and which she fuels with her reflections and her personal experience. As a woman. As a Franco-Senegalese. Certainly. But above all as a human being. 

Fatou Diome will go in conversation with Safia Kessas​​​​​​​.

The encounter is followed by a book signing. 




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