‘Moussem Cities Teheran | Shekki Club’

4 Feb.'23
- 19:00

Compose your own music mix at Shekki Club! This playful and interactive sequencer blends musical excerpts from the traditional musical culture of Bushehr - an Iranian port city on the Persian Gulf - with electronic dance music. Shekki is one of the 5 dance rhythms in Bushehr and one of the best preserved from outside cultural influences caused by the Nomad tribe or mass migrations. Shekki Club's interface allows you to select pre-recorded samples (rhythmic patterns, melodic lines and others) and arrange them in a loop to create your own "composition"! Discover Shekki Club free of charge at Bozar as part of Moussem Cities Teheran.


Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz music producer, composer, musician

Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz
Producer , composer
Germano Dushá
project manager
Marcelo Mudou
Graphic designer




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Moussem Cities Teheran

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