‘musikaa, made in.by Molenbeek’

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Molenzine, photos and video portrets
# IMAGINE 1080, photos and video portrets


“A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend.” With this in mind, Klarafestival and BOZAR hope to reconnect with the people of Brussels. An first step in this direction is the MUSIKAA project, in collaboration with the municipality of Molenbeek. What’s the purpose of all this? A sustainable, inclusive story to inspire people from Brussels and elsewhere alike.   
Five Molenbeek organisations have been working on five artistic projects involving local talent. These projects have been documented by young people from # IMAGINE 1080 (House of Cultures and Social Cohesion) and Molenzine (Citizen Motion, LaVallée). The resulting video portraits will appear on the Klarafestival website from 21 March, and from that date on they can also be found on a walking route through Molenbeek by scanning QR codes.
Cellist Guy Danel and pianist-composer-conductor Samir Bendimered are developing a project with novice string quartets and a youth slam poetry studio (MolenBerlin). Nocturnal poet, painter and DJ Alex Deforce puts his observations of Molenbeek to music with local talent. The MigratieMuseumMigration lets some unusual instruments brought into the country by migrants be heard once again. Otto Lindholm blends the double bass with electronics to create intriguing soundscapes. Finally, MetX presents Remork & Karkaba, a unique brass band consisting of a horn section and Moroccan gnawa percussion.   

Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang - Mommaertsstraat 4

Quatuor Dónisi (Guy Danel)
junior workshop ‘MolenBerlin’ (Samir Bendimered)

De Vaartkapoen - Manchesterstraat 13-15

Alex Deforce, Jordi Grognard, DJ AT HOME (Front de Cadeaux)

MigratieMuseumMigration (foyer) - Werkhuizenstraat 17

Hussein Rassim and Juliette Lacroix

LaVallée - Adolphe Lavalléestraat 39

Otto Lindholm

Bonneviepark (MetX)

Remork & Karkaba



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