‘Opening Night: Glass Museum presents “Reflection” with Yannick Jacquet’

17 Sept.'22
- 18:30

Poignant piano, incandescent drums and shifting rhythms are the hallmark of Glass Museum, which defines its repertoire as "the ultimate modern marriage between pure traditional jazz, orchestral arrangements and the mathematics of electronic music." Founded in 2016, the duo already have three albums to show for their artistic evolution. "We are moving towards something much more electronic, less nice, more minimalist, because it is more personal... The more we grow, the more we listen to music that is a bit geekier, particular sounds, more sophisticated...," they explain about their last their latest album Reflet, released last spring on the excellent Ghent label Sdban Ultra. For their triple gig at Bozar, Antoine Flipo and Martin Grégoire are joined by Brieuc Angenot (double bass) and Yannick Jacquet (media artist) for an immersive and bewitching live show.



  • 18h30 : Glass Museum presents “Reflection” with Yannick Jacquet (Terarken)
  • 19h30 : Anouar Brahem Quartet (Henry Le Boeuf)
  • 21h30 :
    • Janne Mark with Arve Henriksen (Studio)
    • Eydis Evensen performing with String Quartet (M)
    • Glass Museum presents “Reflection” with Yannick Jacquet (Terarken)
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​23h00 : Echo Collective – The See Within (Henry Le Boeuf)
Antoine Flipo
Martin Grégoire
Brieuc Angenot
double-bass , keyboard
Yannick Jacquet
visual creation

Classical music

Electronic Music



Global Music

17 Sept.'22
- 18:00

Opening Night

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Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

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Level 3 ≤ 100 db. Free earplugs

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