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‘The power of podcasts’

13 Oct.'22
- 17:45

Podcasts have become a strong tool of information for media companies and organizations that desire to build a special link with their audience and boost their revenues through other forms in addition to traditional advertising. Podcasts in journalism can be key to gain back trust of the readership as they are one of the most intimate of journalistic information-sharing out there. A discussion about the power of podcasting from a variety of perspectives: from media which use podcasts to feed their membership base to think tanks that share their policy expertise through digital audio products, from institutions who want to show emotions behind technocratic routines to companies who want to communicate just differently.



  • Joanna Aveillan (Acast, SE)
  • Midori Tanaka (Carnegie Europe, US)
  • Silvia Serrano (Independent Podcaster, ES)
  • Moderator: Alexander Damiano Ricci (Bulle Média, IT)

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All activities on 13 October are part of the European Media Lab, a day dedicated to independent media. 
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