‘PREMIERE: Gardenia. Before the Last Curtain Falls - Thomas Wallner’

11 Jan.'15
- 00:00

In the presence of Thomas Wallner & the main actors

Thomas Wallner’s Before the Last Curtain Falls follows a group of actors getting ready for their final stage appearance. As transsexuals or transvestites, these actors have known all the vicissitudes of love, loss, fame and humiliation. Their stories were the basis for the 2010 theatre show Gardenia by Alain Platel / Frank Van Laecke, with which this seventy-year old cast unexpectedly made an overwhelmingly successful tour. In the documentary Before the Last Curtain Falls, they take their leave of the spotlights and revert to their former lives.

Special Jury Prize - Hot Docs, Toronto 2014
Reykjavik International Film festival 2014

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