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‘Rara, by Sergine André’

19 June →
4 July'21

The exhibition presents a series of works by Sergine André, a Haitian artist based in Brussels, around the theme of Rara, a traditional procession still very much alive in Haiti today. Every year during Lent, processions of musicians bring the streets to life, gathering people around voodoo rites in an act of celebration and rejoicing that allows people to throw off the shackles of an often painful daily life. Sergine André’s works, which have already been exhibited in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and South Africa, express an identity that straddles two worlds. Her imagination draws on both the magical tradition of her native region and the Haitian artistic avant-garde, and in her paintings, she brings together contrasting themes such as life and death, light and shadows.

Sergine André


12 June →
4 July'21


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Horta Hall

rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels