‘Rodion G.A. presents Misiunea spatiala Delta’

28 Oct.'19
- 19:00

Screening of Romania’s cult animation movie with a new soundtrack by Rodion G.A.

In the year 3084, humanity has settled in interplanetary space. The realm, however, still holds numerous secrets. The Delta spacecraft, operated by an extremely powerful electronic brain, embarks on a research mission to a newly discovered galaxy.

In 1984, several Romanian musicians were asked to submit demos for the original soundtrack of the sci-fi, avantgarde film Misiunea spatiala Delta. Among them was Rodion G.A. and his band, who invented an electronic, hybrid kind of music, influenced by psychedelic and progressive rock, and which proved to be ahead of its time. 

EUROPALIA asked Rodion G.A. to complete the initial 1984 project. Misiunea spatiala Delta, with its new soundtrack, will be shown for the first time during EUROPALIA ROMANIA. Sorin Luca’s documentary Dream Images about Rodion G.A. will be shown beforehand.

Practical information



Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS


  • Subtitles: English

19:00 Dream Images (Imagini din vis, Sorin Luca, Romania, 2016, 77', English subtitles)

20:30 Delta Space Mission (Misiunea spatiala Delta, Victor Antonescu, Mircea Toia, Romania, 1984, ca. 75', English subtitles)