‘Roger Raveel is coming to your classroom’

19 Apr. →
30 June'21

Workshops for schools

Primary education (only for Brussels schools)

Looking, thinking, feeling. That’s what I was doing.” Roger Raveel (1921-2013) 

Roger Raveel is coming to your classroom! Or better still, one of our enthusiastic guides will be visiting your pupils to immerse them in the wonderful world of Raveel. This Belgian artist had a unique ability to portray the beauty of the world he saw around him.

As they listen to the stories told by the guide, your pupils will discover Raveel the artist and Raveel the man. They will then look at their own surroundings through his eyes, experiment and make their own drawings. What would you like to draw and how would you do it? Could the things around you also inspire you to create a work of art? Finally, pupils draw even closer to Raveel as they discover his unique visual language and feel the artist’s sensibility through meditation exercises that stimulate all their senses.

Practical information



Primary Education


  • French Dutch

Duration of the workshop
2x50 min

€ 140 per class

Via the booking form.
​​​​​​​Note: this activity is confirmed at this time. In the event of changes in health measures, we will of course offer to postpone or cancel and refund if necessary.


​​​​​​​The guide will bring material that will be shown at a distance with the students. In order to avoid contact, we ask the school to provide its own material for the activity: A4 sheets of paper, pencils and markers.


This activity is organised in the classroom in accordance with health measures for schools and culture. Read more about this protocol in the pdf here below.

On this page you can also find all the information about the current health measures and any changes or cancellations for school groups.