Elles Tournent - Dames Draaien
Graines de Cineastes

‘Round table: "Impact of the #MeToo movement in the Belgian French-speaking audiovisual sector. Current and future solutions”’

8 May'21
- 13:00

Graines de Cinéastes Festival

During this meeting, we would like to address the issue of sexism within the Belgian French-speaking audiovisual industry, its mechanisms, its consequences, and the existing and future solutions to curb this discriminating behaviour. In short: What is the place of women* in the French-speaking Belgian audiovisual industry today?


Our 2015 study, "BEHIND THE SCREEN: WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? Women in the Film Industry in the FWB 2010-2015" showed us that women* are prominent within film schools. In 2015, 55% of the Master's degrees in directing at FWB film schools were earned by girls*. On the other hand, only 25% of women* get to direct a first feature film. These figures do not seem to be changing. What can explain this glaring difference?


The #MeToo movement has raised awareness and brought to the forefront sexist mechanisms and behaviours in Western cinema. What light has it shed here? What are the solutions for tomorrow? Which organizations are working for more equality in Belgian cinema?


We will have the pleasure of discussing these questions with our speakers:

  • Paye ton tournage, represented by Clara Levy
  • F.(S), represented by Charlotte Couturier (stage and vocal artist, specialized in gender issues)
  • Elles Font Des Films, represented by Sarah Carlot (director and author)
  • Genre médias - Sexism in the media, let's talk about it online, represented by Alizée Honoré (director)
  • Mediator: Djia Mambu (film critic and journalist)

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