‘Sametka, the dancing caterpillar + The Immigrant (3+)’

11 Jan.'15
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11:00 Sametka, the dancing caterpillar - Zdenek Miller
(1958-76, without words, 30’)

Remember The Little Mole? Here’s the Velvet Caterpillar, a joyful reunion with Zdenek Miler, the father of Czech animation. Sametka is a fable, the story of a young boy who trains a caterpillar to dance to the music of his accordion. Their world tour becomes a pretext for making as subtle as subversive fun of the in and outs of the world of show business.
The programme also includes A Tale of the Moon (1958), a delightful gem, handmade lacework, poetical fantasy, an irresistible lullaby for children.

11:30 The Immigrant - Charles Chaplin
(1917, USA, silent, with added soundtrack, B & W, 24'02)
With: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance , Eric Campbell, Henry Bergman

On the ship taking him to the United States as an immigrant, Chaplin meets Edna and her mother, who are also heading for the land of the free. Together, they escape the pickpockets who prey on the passengers. Hungry after arriving in the city, Chaplin enters a restaurant without a penny to his name. By coincidence, he finds Edna there, equally broke - and Goliath, who has become a waiter and detests people who don’t pay. How do they get out of this fix?

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