Elles Tournent - Dames Draaien
Graines de Cineastes

‘Screenings of first short films by female* Belgian directors’

7 May'21
- 19:00

Graines de Cinéastes Festival

1. Window  /   پنجره   /  Panjareh
Violet Braeckman | 2021 | Fiction | VO EN ST FR / EN

Louise Hansenne | 2019 | Documentaire | VO FR ST EN

3. Récit de soi  /  Oneself story
Geraldine Charpentier | 2018 | Animation | VO FR ST FR / EN

4. Benidorm
Raphaëlle Tinland | 2017 | Fiction | VO FR ST EN

5. Tej którą kocham - nie ma / Celle que j’aime n’existe pas / The one whom I love doesn’t exist
Aleksandra Czępińska | 2020 | Documentaire | VO PL ST FR/EN

6. Top Girl
Jana Van Brussel | 2020 | Documentaire | VO NL/EN ST FR/EN

7. Idéales
Barbara Guidarelli | 2019-2020 | Animation | SANS DIALOGUE

8. Elezioni
Joséphine Jouannais | 2018 | Documentaire | VO IT ST FR

9. The Voice Over
Claudia Cortés Espejo, Lora D’Addazio & Mathilde Remy | 2018 | Animation | VO EN ST FR

10. I was still there when you left me
Marie Mc Court | 2019 | Fiction | VO FR ST EN


The Graines de Cinéastes project promotes female* filmmakers who are starting their career in Belgian cinema. We want to contribute to the visibility and representation of the new generation of female* filmmakers.

This year, we will focus on filmmakers’ first and second productions of short films of all genres.

Graines de Cinéastes has taken root in the not-profit organization Elles Tournent - Dames Draaien, which promotes and values the work of women* in the artistic and cultural world in general and especially in the audiovisual sector.

* Anyone who identifies as a « woman »


With this program, we wish to give a voice to female* directors, to select movies that favours the way the filmmaker looks at the world and its translation in the film.

Faced with the rich diversity of topics, we did not want to make a too narrow choice. However, in the background, two themes emerge and guide the vision of these films.


The first projection was structured around the symbolism of the window. Through the windows of oneself and the Other, one discovers a fragment of life, an intimacy, a discovery of oneself or of the Other, quite simply, a look at the world. We travel from experience to experience, from window to window

Followed by the Q&A with female directors *, moderated by Jehanne Bergé (in French)


To discover our second projection (May 8th, 2021)


We hope that you will experience as much pleasure as we had in discovering a fragment of life expressed in an artistic vision of great talent.


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