‘The Sleeping Beauty’

24 May'20

St.Petersburg Classical Ballet

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Ballet in two acts 
Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Staged by Mikhail Venshchikov 
Based on choreography by Marius Petipa 

Artistic conception by Vyacheslav Okunev 
Costumes by Tatiana Koroleva
Video design by Viktoria Zlotnikova

Dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of the Premiere at the Mariinsky Theatre, 
Saint Petersburg

The Sleeping Beauty is the magnum opus of the XIX century classical ballet. It was created in 1890 for the Mariinsky theatre by two geniuses of the time – Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa.
 Grand ensembles, mime, virtuoso duets, and variations represent the various choreographic forms styled in the classical ballet of this time period. 
Libretto of the performance is based on Charles Perrault’s Tales telling the story of Princess Aurora woken up from the century’s sleep by the kiss of a prince. Soaring fairies and elves as well as the evil fairy Carabos with her demonic retinue depict the complexity of human life. They prompt the main characters to make a moral choice between good and evil. 
The prince, Desire, personifies the Louis XIV Le Roi Soleil who was the perfect model of a human being and an absolute monarch.
    The finale of the ballet takes place in a pompous palace. The audience’s attention is drawn to the interior of the Versailles Palace with its gorgeous ceremonial room.  The characters of well-known fairy tales such as Blue Bird, Puss in Boots and White Kitty, Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf, Tom Thumb and others are happily dancing at the marriage ball of the prince Desire and Aurora. 
In this performance staged by Mikhail Venshchikov, The Sleeping Beauty (2019) choreography intentionally saves the original pieces from the Mariinsky premiere. The character roles were initially presented by mimic artists but now the choreography has become virtuosic because the roles are now fully danced. The background decor deserves special attention because the performance is based as a combination of video mapping with classical decor embodying the reality of the action at the stage. 
The “Sleeping Beauty” is a performance which is equally interesting for the audience members of various generations. Younger members would be attracted by the familiar fairy tale characters as well as the breathtaking plot of the ballet. 
The video mapping provides a visual environment to keep children interested. Adults will enjoy the beauty of the classical ballet choreography, marvelous costumes, and music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky which is harmonically rich and totally flawless.  
Arts Center “Saint-Michel” performances are well known in Europe, Japan and South America. The classical choreography of XIX century and original ballets make the repertoire attractive for various generations of audiences. 
     World ballet stars from the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky (St. Petersburg) and Bolshoi, Stanislavsky (Moscow) theatre are kindly dancing leading roles for our performances. 

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