‘The Sonic Assistance Agency - Ictus’

18 Feb.'22

Three musicians from Ictus and a performer guide your first- and second-year pupils through unusual musical experiences. The focus is on sound: from a tingling sensation that begins at the back of the head and spreads out down the neck and the back to a sound that lingers on the retina. Under the expert guidance of professional sound experts you embark on a virtual walk between hypersensitivity and synaesthesia. Part of the performance can be listened to on wireless headphones, for a sound that is both extremely close up and unbelievably soft.

When you book, you will be offered a digital educational tool that you can use before or after the concert for an activity about sensory experiences triggered by sounds in the classroom. The educational tool, developed in collaboration with MATRIX (Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek), consists of a video and worksheets that invite you to explore micro sounds and sound massage. Microsounds, explained by Assunta Mandaglio, are all the sounds that we don’t hear, but which are made audible by amplification. Gert Bernaets introduces you to sound massage, a technique often used in sound therapy to listen to small sounds in a relaxed way: a pleasant way to "wake up" your ears.

Practical information



Secondary schools (first degree)

Price​: € 8 per student + 1 teacher free per 15 students. Educational digital tool included in the price.
Duration: 1h

Sanitary measures & Bookings
​​​​​​​This school activity is confirmed to date. However, changes may be made and we will inform you if this is the case. It is possible to make reservations but payment will only be requested later, once your visit has been confirmed according to the health measures.

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