‘Walking the streets of Moscow - Georgiy Daneliya’

29 June'21
- 19:00

Open-air screening

In this Russian comedy, the young Siberian writer Volodya meets Kolya in the Moscow metro on his way to visit a famous author. Kolya decides to help Volodya find his way in Moscow leading them from one adventure into another.


With his third film, Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963), released in the middle of the Khrushchev Thaw, ​​​​​​​Georgiy Daneliya provided his own take on the French New Wave, departing from conventional Soviet realism in favour of something far more optimistic and bright. It’s a carefree, easy-going depiction of life in the city that could slot nicely alongside Breathless (1960) and Lola (1961) thanks to its formal and narrative lightness. It was typical of the type of subversive content that Khrushchev tolerated in the name of de-Stalinization. Still the film managed to shock the Soviet censors, leading the arts committee to claim they had no idea what the film was about and force Daneliya to include a scene where a cleaner criticizes idle writers.

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Mont des Arts | Kunstberg

1000 Brussels


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