‘WeerKlank en BeeldSpraak’

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Can you sing without a voice? Is singing inseparable from the use of vocal cords? The Shout at Cancer team is offering an online workshop open to all, to familiarise you with warm-ups and exercises usually devised for people who have lost their vocal cords following a laryngectomy. Dr. Thomas Moors, expert in voice after laryngectomy, and Leen Diependaele, singer and actress, will introduce you to this approach to ensemble singing through exercises that strengthen the voice and to relax the body and mind, together with laryngectomy choir members. This fun and unusual workshop will introduce you to a unique and simple method of learning music through the body, and will also invite you to take part in a creative dialogue about the impact of losing the voice.

Leen Diependaele
Thomas Moors

activity leader

Vocal music

10 May →
6 June'21

Singing Brussels

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Limited capacity, registration required and attendance required for all 4 sessions.
Registered participants will receive the Zoom link and practical information by email one day before the workshop.
​​​​​​​In case of technical problems or questions, please contact us via singingbrussels@bozar.be.