Arty Farty Brussels

‘Workshop Apotome, by Khyam Allami’

7 Oct.'21
- 15:30


In this workshop Khyam Allami will explore the subjects of tuning and the inherited biases of music technology through his collaborative project Apotome with creative studio Counterpoint. He will give a presentation on tuning and its repressed possibilities, the problematics of music technologies, and a practical introduction to using Leimma and Apotome. Participants will be invited to create their own personalised tuning system and to create generative music using it alongside an opportunity for an improvised group performance.

•    Minimum requirements: participants should bring their laptops with the latest version of Chrome browser, headphones, and a tape measure.
•    Optional requirements: participants are encouraged to bring a sound card with a MIDI (5-pin) input, plus/or a hardware synthesiser (with MIDI input if without sound card) or a small one-voice modular synth system (with MIDI input). Software synths installed on a laptop and outputting through the sound card will also be fine.


Electronic Music


6 → 10

Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels

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