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Corporate Partnerships

A partnership with Bozar and its cutting-edge artistic programme provides a variety of exciting opportunities to entertain your clients, reward your employees and bring your brand to life.

Experience and share our programme with your stakeholders and by doing so develop a positive image of your company that can increase brand loyalty, engage target audiences with extraordinary live experiences and digital content. At Bozar, we build corporate partnerships based on trust that makes sense in terms of values, vision and strategy. Hereby you make a real difference, not only for your brand and stakeholders, but also by supporting impactful community initiatives.

In return for your support, a myriad of bespoke benefits are designed across all art forms to fit your objectives. These can include: 

Type of Partnerships

Corporate partnerships come in all shapes and sizes.

Long-term meaningful partnerships, storytelling, mission alignment, value-adding, strategic synergies.

Long-term meaningful partnerships, storytelling dedicated to a specific department, thematic line, long-term programme (ex. Culture & Social Responsibility x Corporate Social Responsibility).

Sponsoring of an exhibition, concert, screening, performance, literature series or debate.

Based on our existing artistic programme, let’s cocreate!

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Contact us for the latest opportunities and brief us on your partnerships objectives for a bespoke package.