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Based on an alignment of mission and values and the search for impact, several projects are supported by national and international foundations.

On the basis of its core artistic mission, Bozar appoints itself an active mediator for socio-cultural change, diversity and social inclusion.

By supporting anchor institutions such as Bozar we can deepen and sustain relationships with artists, specific communities and grassroots actors. Thus, a greater social impact can be achieved within communities where culture is a weapon to fight intolerance, building trust through understanding and thus encouraging social cohesion and well-being in our society.

Our multidisciplinary and dynamic platform with culture as a vector for integration, dialogue and inclusion, encourages the philanthropy sector to support, co-present and organize projects and events at the Centre for Fine Arts. 

The main goal is always to have a positive impact on the public, inspire individuals as well as communities and stimulate positive change.