House rules 


Visitors are requested to arrive at the venue in good time, not to move around with luggage, backpacks or (large) handbags, and to comply with any requests from the security services.

At the Centre for Fine Arts, the cloakroom is free of charge and may be made compulsory by management for security reasons. Luggage lockers are available in the lobby of the Central Station.

The following are prohibited in our halls: glass bottles, cans, alcohol, luggage, backpacks, video recorders and cameras, fireworks and any object that may entail a safety risk.

Access to the event implies acceptance of all preventive and control measures taken by the CFA, the authorities and/or the external organiser, including body and bag searches. Failure to comply with these measures may result in refusal or withdrawal of the right of entry, with no possibility of reimbursement.

If the CFA has provided for the event to be filmed and/or photographed, the audience is likely to appear incidentally in the recording/photographs. By accepting the present terms and conditions and/or by attending the performance, the visitor and/or the person(s) for whom they purchase a ticket(s) accepts that their image(s) may be reproduced on any medium in the context of this recording and be exploited, in any form whatsoever (including for promotional purposes) by the CFA. This right is granted worldwide free of charge.

At the Centre for Fine Arts, the bars close to the halls are generally open to the public one hour before the show and during the intermission.

Programs for performances are on sale one hour before the performance, for as long as stocks last. They can also be downloaded from our website, to the extent possible.

Introductions to the performances hosted by specialist musicologists are regularly organised, as well as meetings with the artists.