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A global health crisis, an industry in lockdown, a devastating roof fire. We don't have to beat around the bush: these are hard times. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who is part of #TogetherBozar and the family that has formed around Bozar in these difficult circumstances.

After the fierce fire of January 18, which destroyed an entire exhibition circuit and caused serious damage to our iconic concert hall and organ, we promised you that we would not close the doors. And we kept the promise that we would repair the damage to our architectural gem.

But we cannot let it stand empty.

The heavy financial pressures, as a result of both the pandemic and the fire, pose a severe threat to our artistic programme and ambitions.

Your donation will help us carry on organising wide-ranging artistic projects that challenge, thrill, comfort and explore. And fully pursue our mission as an essential multidisciplinary cultural hub for each and every one of you.

You wish to make a donation? This can be done on the account number BE26 6790 0011 9329 PCHQBEBB with the mention "DONATION or through this form.

For donations of more than 40 euros, a tax certificate will be issued entitling you to a tax reduction of 45% of the amount (within the limit of 10% of all net income).

The Centre for Fine Arts is authorized by law to issue tax certificates. The Centre for Fine Arts has been a public limited company with a social purpose since 1 January 2002 (= entry into force of the law of 7 May 1999). Its company number is 895.408.978.ok


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