Next Generation, Please! alumni x Calame asbl

This spring, we invited some former participants of the Next Generation, Please! project to be inspired by the work of Michel François.

The young people of Calame asbl created their own artistic intervention, which you can discover at the nocturne on 25 May at Bozar.

Calame is a participatory and cooperative project for young people, parents and other members. It was founded in 2010 by a group of people from education, socio-cultural animation and parents. With a view to solving long-term social inequalities, Calame fights against school dropout by promoting and integrating the contribution of parents in their operation, proposing tutoring to support young people in their school trajectories and organising regular expression workshops around identity: "Paroles d'Ados".

Together with Brussels-based photographer Constance Proux, young people from Calame learn an analogue technique of "pinhole" photography, a prototype of modern photography, and create their own images reflecting their experiences at Bozar. Visual and performance artist Polina Akhmetzyanova will work with the group to find an unexpected angle to show their work to an audience using their bodies and voices.

Born in the former USSR, Polina Akhmetzyanova (RU/BE) is an artist living and working in Brussels. She studied theatre history at the State Institute of Theatre in Yekaterinburg (RU) and contemporary dance - at p.a.r.t.s in Brussels. In 2019, she was a resident at WIELS, Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels. She writes poetry and prose to be used (or not) in her performances, audio, video or visual work.

Constance Proux is a photographer living in Brussels. She creates documentary projects using images in different forms (film photography, archive footage, video creation). Passionate about images and the questions they raise, she likes to convey her art to her students. She is a lecturer in the photography workshop at ESA le 75. In connection with the cultural milieu, she also carries out visual commissions for the Monnaie Theatre, the Éditions Diane de Selliers, the Wittockiana Museum and the Ilot, among others.


Next Generation, Please!