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It is your turn to welcome virtual reality into your home!

Win one of the 30 free Bozar VR TO GO packs (rental/delivery included) on 15,16 & 17 Oct.’21.

Bozar is, for the first time, offering a ‘takeaway’ virtual reality option thanks to the innovative VR to Go. Straight from Canada, the concept has already wowed audiences in Montreal and Paris.

The all-in-one Bozar VR TO GO headset let you experience mind-blowing, exotic and emotional experiences with family, friends or alone in the comfort of your living room or anywhere else thanks to a reservation and delivery (reservation and pick-up) system for a Bozar VR TO GO headset, 11 films included.

During the 3 days of the I Love Science Festival (15, 16, 17 October), with the gentle support of Innoviris and Visit.Brussels, the Bozar VR TO GO experience will be offered for free to the public.

Be one of the 30 first to enjoy for free a Bozar VR TO GO pack for 24 hours (worth €52). You will be offered the delivery to your home and back to Bozar (available in the 19 municipalities of Brussels-Capital Region only).

How to proceed? Book your free VR TO GO pack through this link. In order to finalize your Bozar VR TO GO reservation, you will need to pay a deposit of €250. This deposit will be returned to you after the equipment has been returned to Bozar/the deliverer in its original condition.

Bozar VR TO GO will remain available at Bozar after the I Love Science Festival, from 19 October to 8 November 2021, but under a paid form.
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‘With VR TO GO, Bozar deconstructs the boundaries of the cultural institution and brings virtual reality into Brussels households! In order to open up the artistic experience and give it new forms, virtual reality at home takes the audience into dreamlike, mysterious and sometimes disenchanted worlds.’

Laure Hendrickx, New Audiovisual Narratives (TV series, Digital, VR) – Bozar Films

In partnership with Centre Phi in Montréal