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Meeting between David Helbich and the young participants of Next Generation, Please!

On Saturday 22 May, the young participants of Next Generation, Please! had the opportunity to take part in a workshop led by artist David Helbich, the author of the two volumes of Belgian Solutions. Organised by Gluon in the form of an interactive stroll, the workshop sought to introduce participants to storytelling through the recording of images and sounds in the urban space.

With Next Generation, Please!, Bozar offers young people from different backgrounds a platform where they are encouraged to reflect on the challenges of a citizen society. Throughout the school year, they are invited to discuss with artists, experts, thinkers and politicians. In the course of this process, they develop artistic projects, which will be presented at an interactive exhibition in October 2021.. In the framework of Studiotopia, young people were more specifically invited to reflect on the links between art, science and technology.

Following a first meeting between the participants and climate experts in February, this time we asked them to think about the production of digital stories inspired by the city, using cameras and microphones. This workshop was led by David Helbich, a conceptual and sound artist who has a particular vision of his city, Brussels. His search for unusual situations and his desire to capture them and share them on social networks, has led him to publish the two volumes of Belgian Solutions, which were a great success.

Check out the creation of Eva, the thoughts of Rian and Tracy, and some of their memories below!

With the support of the Queen Mathilde Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.