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More than a new lick of paint

On March 4, renovation works for Hall M and the Studio will start, ushering a third beautification phase. Project manager and architect Pierre Hebbelinck expects to complete the works by the third quarter of next year.

Horta’s foundation

Both spaces, since their completion in 1928, have already seen two periods of major changes. A first phase ran between 1949 and 1969, involving fundamental architectural changes in addition to general embellishments. A second radical phase spread from 1986 to 1990.

Bozar Cinema Extra Muros

During the renovation works, both halls will be closed to the public and screenings that normally take place in Hall M or the Studio will temporarily be shown outdoors. For the next year and a half, Bozar visitors are welcome in Cinema RITCS, Cinematek, Galerie Jan Mot, Cinema Galeries, and other venues for their favourite film screenings. Other halls in the Centre for Fine Arts will also be accommodated to allow activities such as concerts and talks to take place. For instance, Terarken will have a mobile grandstand, giving the space a completely new look. The exhibition rooms, HLB and other halls will remain open to the public.

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An amplified experience

Both the Studio and Hall M get a complete update and will feature state-of-the-art stage technology. In the Studio, optimisation of acoustics intended for film and conferences are planned. In turn, a comfortable visitor experience will be achieved through the installation of new seats and climate control. The artist lounges in both venues are also being renovated and can be shared between the two rooms.

Hall M will undergo in-depth renovation works (e.g. demolition of the gradins) that will make hidden structural elements of Horta visible again. Room acoustics and insulation will be improved through modular acoustics (curtains) and general modernisation of techniques. In addition to replacing the seats, five will be adapted for wheelchair users and climate control will also become the norm here.

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