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Open Call: Hall Horta renovation

Bozar is reinventing the spaces of the Centre for Fine Arts, and the Horta Hall will play a central role in creating connections and welcoming visitors. Starting in spring 2025, Bozar wants to put the grand Horta Hall at the centre of its building, reorganising its reception and meeting area.

This assignment, comprising a fixed part and a conditional part, is intended to develop a vision for the entrance sequence, that is the Vestibule and the Horta Hall. This requires an architectural and scenographic approach to meet the following needs:

  • Creating a light infrastructure to provide seating areas where the public can linger
  • Setting up a semi-permanent café/bar area with tables and a corner for chatting, reading or working
  • Developing ways of promoting the Bozar programme
  • Improving the room's acoustics and creating a warm atmosphere

The fixed part of the assignment focuses on the development an overall vision for the Vestibule and the Horta Hall, as well as realizing the necessary infrastructure in the Hall, while the rest of the scheme will be developed as budget becomes available.

Although visual lightness is preferable, Bozar wants to improve the atmosphere of the large Horta Hall, especially considering the marble that dominates its architectural appearance. Bozar would like to be able to use the hall for one-off artistic activities (particularly during the monthly evening opening), performances, artistic installations or parties and receptions, which would mean having to clear the Horta Hall entirely or partially. The design proposal must therefore allow for quick dismantling and storage during these events. 

The project must combine lightness and comfort, and a circular, with a sustainable approach to the development of the project.


The minimum skills required for this assignment are :

  • Architecture and/or interior architecture and/or scenography

Award criteria

  • Urbanity 25%
  • Habitability 25%
  • Climate and environmental strategy 25% 
  • Feasibility 25%

Indicative timetable

  • Invitation to submit a tender: 04.06.2024
  • Site visit and briefing: 07.06.2024
  • Submission of tenders: 11.07.2024
  • Presentation of tenders to the jury: 23.08.2024
  • Award of contract and start of the mission: September 2024


  • Fixed part – Horta Hall: € 130,000 excl. VAT - Fees not included
  • Conditional part - Vestibule: max. € 90.000 excl. VAT - Fees not included


  • Fixed part:
    - Vision for Horta Hall and Vestibule: € 6.000 excl. VAT
    - Horta Hall: € 16.000 excl. VAT 
  • Conditional part:
     - Vestibule: € 8.000 excl. VAT 


  • A remuneration of € 1.500 will be awarded to each team that submitted a regular bid but was not chosen as laureate. The bid consists of a 6 page A4 note of intent.

If you are interested, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 30.05.2024 at 2 PM, to bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@bma.brussels, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).


CLIENT: Centre for Fine Arts | BOZAR
ADDRESS: Rue Ravenstein 23 – 1000 Brussels
PROGRAMME: Furniture, Scenography

*ATTENTION : Due to a computer instability, it occasionally happens that an e-mail is blocked in "quarantine" and does not reach us. An acknowledgement of receipt is systematically sent to you within 48 hours of the date of receipt of your expression of interest. If you have not received anything, please contact us directly on +32 2 435 43 70.