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Partying like Ensor did

On Thursday 25 April during Bozar All Over the Palace, we will be watching, listening and dancing once again during a nocturne all about James Ensor!

From 6pm to midnight, discover three fantastic exhibitions:

  • James Ensor. Maestro
  • Chantal Akerman. Travelling
  • Ceci n’est pas une exposition

One by one, unmissable exhibits that absorb you into the world of marvellous artists.

© Sorry We're Closed

All about...

This nocturne is inspired by the artistic and musical buzz of one man from Ostend. During the evening, a series of musicians, visual artists, designers and DJs will take the audience on a symbolic journey to the days of James Ensor.

A dedicated programme

Nosedrip, DJ and head honcho of record label STROOM.TV, like Ensor, hails from Belgium's most beautiful coastal city. His DJ sets are characterised by a quirky and distinct aesthetic that effortlessly sets the mood on any dance floor. Another DJ from the static music label will also be present to warm up the audience for a promising evening.

Formed in 2000, the duo Accident du Travail consists of Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux. The electronic music they produce is fragile and ecstatic and characterised by rare instruments such as the ondes Martenot, a church harmonium and some machines. The group has already released three studio albums and two live albums. Last year they released Galéjade, an archive of recordings between 2008 and 2023.

Joseph Schiano di Lombo © Rebekka Deubner

In collaboration with the gallery Sorry We're Closed, visual artist Anastasia Bay and multidisciplinary artist Joseph Schiano di Lombo will lead a cortège traversing the Palace, complete in Ensor style, with unique masks and accessories.

Anastasia Bay's work depicts scenes borrowed from Ensor's carnivalesque tales. She draws on art-historical, mythological and cultural sources to create contemporary depictions of figurative archetypes.

The multifaceted work of musician, visual artist and writer Joseph Schiano di Lombo is above all a play between farce and seriousness, references and intuitions and grandeur and minimalism. He slides freely from one category and medium to another, using an art akin to the fugue.

Check out the full programme and come and enjoy an unforgettable evening in the heart of an artistic atmosphere!