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Philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin (France) in conversation with Béatrice Delvaux

With the video interview series Repairing the future, Bozar wants to give a new impetus to thinking about the future by giving a platform to scientists, artists and thinkers from different fields. Economics, ecology, mobility, architecture are all covered, as well as beauty and solace. In this episode Béatrice Delvaux talks to the French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin.

Repairing the future

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Repairing the Future

Philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin (1921) is one of France's leading contemporary thinkers. His large body of work is characterized by a concern for knowledge capable of grasping the complexity of reality and of observing the singular while placing it within the whole. He presents his thinking on education in La tête bien faite, Relier les connaissances. His book Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future (2000) has been translated into many languages.

"I see life as being made up of two polar opposites: the prose of everyday life, the things we have to do to survive, and on the other hand the things that make us flourish, that make us happy; love, friendship, fellowship, but also literature, poetry, music, works of art… all this has to add poetry to the lives of everyone. And I think it has added poetry to the lives of many people who, during lockdown, suddenly found themselves faced with an opera by Mozart or Verdi. We have to make sure that those pleasures are not just available to a small elite, but to everyone, because every human being needs these poetic experiences."