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Roger Raveel and Hugo Claus at the Centre for Fine Arts in 1983

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Roger Raveel. A personal view of the artist

For Raveel, Machelen-aan-de-Leie always remained an outstanding place to live and create. Now, you can see the most complete retrospective of his work ever in Brussels. We return to Raveel's village and talk to four interesting people about the artist and his oeuvre. Four totally different views of the work of this idiosyncratic artist.

Roland Jooris, the poet and friend

Poet and friend Roland Jooris calls Raveel a real 'Einzelgänger', someone who stubbornly sticks to his own ideas or ideals. He encountered the paintings first, then the man himself. He felt an instant click with both that would change his life.

Luc Tuymans, the fellow artist

Unlike Raveel, Luc Tuymans likes to play a role on the international stage. Yet they share the same passion in the first place: painting. Tuymans calls on the younger generation to rediscover Raveel's work.

Els Pynoo, the neighbour

When she is not on stage with her electropop band Vive La Fête, Els Pynoo is among the animals on her farm in Olsene, the village near Machelen-aan-de-Leie. Els can therefore call herself a ‘neighbour’ of the late Roger Raveel. What fascinates her most about his work? How easy it is to recognise the beautiful surroundings she shares with him.


Melanie Deboutte, the curator

As the brand new curator of the Roger Raveel Museum, Melanie Deboutte is immersed in his work. From the museum that Raveel had always dreamed of, she talks about his rising fame, the way he painted and his muse, Zulma.