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Take it differently, take it slowly, take it consciously

5 tips for viewing art intensely and consciously

We all have a rich imagination and artists are no exception to the rule! With the 5 tips below, we invite you to let your imagination run wild by looking at art in a slower but more intense way.

1. Choose an artwork

Which artwork immediately catches your eye? Follow your intuition. Plop down on your pillow or stand by the artwork and try to focus for a minute. Slow down, pay attention to your breathing as the air comes in and out. Don’t try to change your breathing; just inhale normally and become aware of it. Let your thoughts run wild. Why does the work appeal to you? Is it its shape or its colours? Does it remind you of something?

2. Zoom in on a detail

Create a frame with your hands. Focus on a detail in the artwork or take a picture of it. Zoom in and zoom out. Close your eyes and try to imagine the detail again.

3. Become one with the artwork

You don’t need VR glasses to travel into the world of an artwork. Your imagination works just as well. Try to picture yourself walking around inside the artwork hanging in front of you. Now what do you see from the inside? Then, go back to the outside. Would you rather be inside or outside the artwork?

4. Change perspective

Sit down, stand up, walk through the space while keeping an eye on the artwork. Look at it up close and farther away. Close one eye. Does this change your perception?

5. Share your experience

What did you feel, what did you see, what did you think? Tell your friends, other visitors or just yourself!

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