The meeting of science, technology and the arts (STARTS) is the favoured basis for finding innovative responses to the social, ecological and economic challenges that Europe will be facing in the near future.

Every year the STARTS Prize rewards projects that bring significant progress in this field, on an initiative of the European Commission relayed by Ars Electronica in collaboration with BOZAR and Waag. In this respect, art plays a catalytic role, disseminating scientific and technological knowledge to the general public. As a result, the selected projects demonstrate a successful collaboration between art and science, acknowledging a work of art that changes the perception of technology and a creation that combines innovative forms of cooperation between the private sector and the world of culture.

Our exhibition showcases the winners. This year the two grand prizes go to Andrea Ling and Olga Kisseleva. With Design by Decay, Decay by Design, Andrea Ling (CA) won the award in the category "Artistic Exploration". Her work deals with the natural process of decay as a tool for a waste-free world. In the "Innovative Collaboration" category, Olga Kisseleva (RU) won the award for " EDEN - Éthique - Durable - Écologie – Nature ", which uses endangered tree species to explore non-human communication and networking.

This year, the exhibition will be held over three locations. Most of the exhibition will take place at BOZAR, but two artworks will also be presented at iMAL in Molenbeek. You can discover some of the artworks exclusively online, via the digital visitor's guide


All the events will be organised ‘corona proof’, in accordance with to the protocol for the cultural sector. Please check out our COVID-mesures to visit BOZAR in all safety. 

This project has received funding through the STARTS initiative from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732019.




​​​​​​​300.000 Km/s , Audrey Briot, Telesilla Bristogianni, Paolo Cirio, Kate Crawford, M Eifler, Sabine Engelhardt, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, David Quiles Guilló, Dave Hakkens, Hong Kongers (Eric Siu, Joel Kwong) Zoran Srdic Janezic, Vladan Joler, Bjørn Karmann, Olga Kisseleva, Marie-Eve Levasseur, Andrea Ling, Faidra Oikonomopoulou, Karen Palmer, Irakli Sabekia, Robertina Šebjanič, Softmonitor, Gjino Šutić

Did you know?

  • Design by Decay, Decay by Design / Andrea Ling (CA) © Andrea Schmaling

    STARTS Prize 2020

    STARTS stands for Science, Technology, and Arts. The European Commission’s initiative aims to promote innovative cooperation between science, technology, and the arts and to bring it to the wider public’s attention in the form of the STARTS Prize. This year, the “STARTS PRIZE '20—Grand Prize Artistic Exploration” goes to the Canadian architect and installation artist Andrea Ling, and the "STARTS Prize '20 Grand Prize—Innovative Collaboration” is being awarded to the Russian artist Olga Kisseleva. Both artists can look forward to a STARTS trophy and 20,000 euros each. In the autumn BOZAR LAB brings together the winners and other works from the STARTS network in the exhibition STARTS Prize '20: Speculating on the Future through Art and Science.

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  • Design by Decay, Decay by Design / Andrea Ling (CA)  Credit: tom mesic

    Be the first Belgian nominee for the STARTS Prize 2021

    The prestigious STARTS Prize has just announced its 2021 call for proposals. Initially set for 3 March, the deadline for submissions has been extended to 15 March. The winning entries will be exhibited at BOZAR in the autumn.

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