European Commission

‘Arts & Tech: Can companies innovate together with the arts?’

28 Nov.'20
- 16:00

Bauhaus Europe

In line with the STARTS Prize '20 exhibition held in BOZAR this Fall, BOZAR LAB organizes a webinar on Saturday 28th November, from 4pm to 5:30pm on the topic of artistic collaborations as means for innovation.


In her recent speech towards EU citizens, the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen has mentioned the importance of reviving the spirit of the historical Bauhaus movement into the reshaping of contemporary Europe, in view of the current socio-economic and cultural challenges. Bauhaus encouraged interdisciplinary collaborations: artists, scientists, engineers, architects would thus collaborate more consistently, to the benefit of innovation and sustainable development.


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Foreword by Ruth Reichstein, European Commission’s Advisory Board I.D.E.A on Green Deal and New European Bauhaus.

16h05 – 16h20 : 
Introduction by Christophe De Jaeger (Artistic Programmer BOZAR LAB) on Bauhaus Europe.

16h20 – 16h35 : 
The artist and “storyteller of the future” Karen Palmer (UK) – known for her interactive artwork ‘Perception iO’, part of the STARTS PRIZE ’20 exhibition at BOZAR – will launch the event with a keynote entitled “The Future crashes into the present”. 
Karen Palmer will drive us towards a more utopic reality than the one we seem to be living in today. The implications of AI, biased networks, increased surveillance and our endangered individual freedom are at stake. 
Through her “Hack the Future” Labs, she has brought together a whole community of thinkers on the model of Bauhaus interdisciplinarity. 


16h35 – 17h10 : 
The keynote will be followed by a talk moderated by Geraint Wiggins (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), and 5 innovative company representatives: Stefan Grosjean (Smappee – energy efficiency, BE), Alexandra Vanhuyse (Snowball – cleantech hub, BE), Andrew McWilliams (ThoughtWorks – software development, US), Piet Haerens (HAEDES  creative consultancy & engineering for water challenges, BE)  and Jonathan Berte (ROBOVISION – deep learning applied, BE).
In the framework of the STARTS exhibition which connects artists with researchers, technologists and companies, the speakers will be tackled on their position on innovation and creativity, and on the concept of collaborating with artists and creatives. 


17h10 – 17h30 :
Interaction with the audience via Zoom chat and Q&A.


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