Live coding expert and drummer Dago Sondervan and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Claes team up for an experimental exploration of artificial intelligence in music performance. Armed with an arsenal of specifically developed tools and applications, the duo will train a virtual agent towards musical autonomy and realtime interaction, becoming a trio along the way.

After the performance there will be a panel discussion with the artists and some guests where amongst other things the developing process of the new project will be discussed.  In addition, they will debate about the importance and challenges of using AI modules in live music performances, more specifically in live impro-settings.  Can there be a real live discussion between man and machine? How do the artists see the future off these technologies?  What can art organisations do in developing these kind of new projects?
Debate attendees (TBC): Andrew Claes, Drago Sondervan and Frederik De Bleser moderated by Camilla Colombo (curator at Ohme)


Dago Sondervan started out as a Jazz-drummer in the 80’s, but soon got hooked on making electronic music with generative software on Atari computers in the 90’s. Next he got involved in the live coding scene.

Musician/producer/researcher Andrew Claes is best known as EWI-player in renowned Belgian band STUFF. His projects range from the obscure and abstract to straight up techno.

Frederik De Bleser is the co-founder of EMRG and the author of NodeBox. He holds a PhD researching the link between computers and art, and the impact of procedural graphics 
applications on graphic designers.

You can watch this online event from 13.09.20 on this page