‘BECOMING ANIMAL - Emma Davie & Peter Mettler’

24 Nov.'20
- 21:00

Gallery of Futures: Screenings

The result of a co-direction, and a collaboration with the American environmental philosopher, David Abram, the film questions the distended relationships between the world of animals, humans and nature. The quest of this comforting essay, whose images and sounds require the greatest attention, is self-discovery through links to invent, to experiment.

Based both in Switzerland and Canada, Peter Mettler (born 1958, Toronto) is a strong supporter of independent creativity, having collaborated with numerous filmmakers, artists and musicians. Melding intuitive processes with drama, essay, experiment or documentation, his own films hold a unique and influential position in creative expression not only in film but also in new art forms where cinema and other disciplines merge. 

Emma Davie’s films explore innovative approaches to narrative structure and the relation between form and ethics. She has made a wide variety of documentaries for national and international broadcasters. Her interest in collaboration, explored in Becoming Animal (2018), stems from a background in performance theatre, working with Peter Mettler for the first time as an actress in his film adaptation of Tectonic Plates (1992). 


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