‘Bruselas Flamenco Festival 2023’

28 Feb. →
5 Mar.'23

Stir up some drama under the Brussels sun

This new edition of the Bruselas Flamenco Festival once again puts the spotlight on one of the most important forms of artistic expression in Spanish culture. With the brilliant guitarist Vicente Amigo, the Sordera family and Irene Álvarez, three stars of the flamenco world will perform in Brussels. The festival also highlights captivating encounters between classical music, jazz and dance. The Belgian National Orchestra will perform a night dedicated to flamenco with some of Manuel de Falla's works, while the dancer and choreographer Manuel Liñán breaks the codes of flamenco in the show ¡Viva! with six men dressed as bailaoras. Finally, the documentaries Canto Cósmico and Siete Jereles take you deep into the world of flamenco. Get ready to experience five days of Spanish splendor!

Practical information


BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 Brussels

Sound level

Level 2 ≤ 95 db