Association Culturelle Joseph Jacquemotte

‘Chilean 11 September’

11 Sept.'23
- 19:00

Four films 50 years on since the coup in Chile

Bozar, the Joseph Jacquemotte cultural association and the KINOLATINO Ciné-Club are commemorating 50 years since the military coup in Chile by programming films by four filmmakers that we believe help advance the values of solidarity, democracy and humanism. 11 September 1973 left its mark on the minds of a generation around the world, making the horror of fascism visible. Cinema, for its part, fulfils the function of recollection.
With a theatrical performance by LA MICRO collective

SEPTEMBER 11, Ken Loach (11', 2002, UK)
A few years after the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York, Arte asked several filmmakers from different countries to produce a short film about 11 September. British director Ken Loach chose to evoke the Chilean tragedy by talking about another 11 September: 11 September 1973 and Pinochet’s coup d'état. Ken Loach cleverly drew a striking historical parallel, evoking the dark role played by the United States in the establishment of a bloody dictatorship in Chile, one of the darkest periods in that country’s history.

CHILEAN SEPTEMBER, Bruno Muel (39’, 1973) - French version without subtitles
 “I heard the news of the coup on the radio on the morning of 12 September 1973 and decided to go and film in Chile. I called Théo Robichet, confident that he would agree. At the time, we were involved in the adventure of the Medvedkin groups, launched in 1967 in Besançon by Chris Marker and continuing in Sochaux. As in all militant groups, we often talked about Chile with our friends, assembly line workers at Peugeot. What was happening over there was close to our hearts..." Bruno Muel

THE READING LESSON, Johan van der Keuken (9’, 1973)
In a primary school in Amsterdam, traditional reading lessons combine words with pictures. The filmmaker draws on this practice, gradually replacing the idealised images of reading charts with those of social and political reality.

THE EMBASSY, Chris Marker (22’, 1975) - French version without subtitles
The Embassy is a short film shot on a super-8mm camera. It shows us political refugees in danger following a fascist coup d'état, who are warmly welcomed in an embassy of unknown origin.

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